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Fit to Fly – how it works (*hint* it’s easy!)

Fit to Fly – how it works (*hint* it’s easy!)

1. Get your test

Same day

Same day delivery for orders placed before 2pm. Make sure you are in one of the regions we cover

2. Perform your test

20 min

Follow the instructions included in your test to register and perform your test.

Very infrequently, your swab result may be returned as inconclusive. This can be caused by poor sample taking technique. As a result, you may not have the time or means to purchase another kit before your flight. You can add a spare kit to avoid this situation. Please note, spare kits cannot be used separately and only one certificate will be issued.

3. Submit your result

10 min

Submit your results online within the required timeframe for your trip. We have made it simple:

  • Place your test cassette and passport/ID on the form provided
  • Go to fit2fly.co/submit
  • Follow the instructions

4. Receive your certificate

Maximum 2h

Once your results are submitted, our team will review them. Receive your fit to fly certificate on your email within 2 hours of submission

4 easy steps