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Your Covid Travel Checklist

Your Covid Travel Checklist

Even during “normal” times, traveling might be pretty confusing, especially when having multiple stopovers, going to the other side of the world, or perhaps with kids. Well, it might be even more confusing when traveling during a global pandemic so let’s look at this easy checklist we have put together to help you travel with ease any time you travel.

1. Check restrictions and requirements where you live

Use up to date sources to check restrictions and requirements for your destination. We recommend you use Travel Doc, an online Travel Document Rule Library that displays each country’s immigration, health and safety, and customs rules (updated daily!). The next best available option is to check your destination’s government web portal.

2. Make sure you have valid COVID-19 tests and certificates

Having a negative COVID-19 test while traveling isn’t always a requirement and it will often depend on the country you’re traveling to or through. That being said, having a test alone might not be enough — destinations and airlines (and others) might distinguish between different types of diagnostic tests.

As the requirements change often, always check which test you need and when you need to take it.

3. Stay up to date with the situation at your destination

Now that you have set out for your journey, make sure to follow the news and regulations in your final destination and also any stopovers you might have on the way there. Even if you don’t speak the language, official government websites and resources are often available in another language, such as English. You can contact the embassy of your home country, too.